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The first performance of ‘Secrets’ last Friday evening was well received by the audience. Sadly COVID lifted its ugly head again and all other performances were cancelled. We will be presenting the production again sometime in the future for those who were not able to attend and those who would like to enjoy it a second time. There have been many compliments made and below is a review from Allan who was in the audience.
“On Friday night I had the pleasure of seeing Simon Denver’s SECRETS at the Maleny Playhouse performed in a ‘Kabaret’ style by The Maleny Players. The performance opened with all players on stage, setting the momentum for a wonderful performance. Asking the question,”do you want to know a secret”
First scene. A married couple of many years. Very interesting and delightful. The whole evening went smoothly and was slick. It was pleasant and most enjoyable to the very end.
Music was well performed by several talented musicians.
The standout for me was The Highwayman. The performer was focused and emotive and hardly blinked during this performance. Impeccable timing needed for this piece and that’s what the audience got. Perfect to the end.
Audience participation kept the room lively and involved.
Simon Denver wrote, produced and directed Secrets. No surprise as the Denver family has a great history in theatre.
It was brilliant and should be performed again. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
This piece would be well received by a younger audience.


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