Play Reading

Friday Play Reading

Our next Friday morning play reading, on Friday 26 August at 9.30am, will be She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith.

Last month we enjoyed the great writing of witty outspoken characters in Acts One and Two. Now for the mix-ups, the misunderstandings and outrageous farce that are stuff of great comedy in Acts Three, Four and Five!

No wonder this has been a favourite of comedy theatre for almost four centuries!

Come along and read at an exciting time – the morning of the opening night of A Date With Dylan Thomas!

Our reading director on Friday 26th will be Patricia Lovell, who chose She Stoops To Conquer for us to enjoy.

RSVP to Jill Morris 0427 624 090

Saturday Evening Play Reading

The next play reading at the Playhouse Maleny will be on Saturday 10 September at 5pm, over drinks and nibbles. Maleny Players will be playing with reading the perennial comedy from 1773: ‘SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER’ by Oliver Goldsmith. Strong characters such as heroine Kate Hardcastle, country bumpkin Tony Lumpkin, the irascible but charming hero Charles Marlowe and his mischievous friend Hastings have been making audiences laugh for five centuries. Labelled a Restoration Comedy, this play comes from a time of restoring the monarchy after Oliver Cromwell – almost…. Well written with a range of great parts for both men and women, SHE STOOPS.. promises a fun early evening read.

RSVP Jill Morris 0427 624 090 .

Drinks will be available at the bar and a donation of $5 includes nibbles.

A  donation of $5, includes nibbles.  Drinks available at the bar. Please contact Barbara on:  0428 716 015 to confirm if you will be attending.