Play Reading

Friday Play Reading

The Friday Morning Playreading on Friday 28 April in the Showgrounds Playhouse will unravel Act Two of Nearer the Gods by David Williamson.
This is a fascinating piece of science history about Sir Isaac Newton, Edmund Halley, Sir Christopher Wren – and Charles II. Mathematical gyrations and astronomical hypotheses: fascinating detail woven into entertaining dramatic form by a master. Interestingly this play is labelled a comedy – and it does produce lots of ironic laughter.
9.30am (sharp) until 12 noon with a pause for coffee. We pay $5 and share nibbles. Pat Lovell will be hosting this very enjoyable day.

Saturday Evening Play Reading

Saturday Play Reading

Our next Saturday evening play readings will be on the 13th of May at the Playhouse at 5.30pm.  There will be a charge of $5 to cover costs and we will provide the nibbles.  The bar will be open for drinks.   Play to be read is TBA