Please note the production is rated M for mature audiences  16 years +  
Strong language and adult themes

Tom, Mike, Edwina, Sue and Ronny are 17 and are seriously celebrating. School has finished, this is the night they say goodbye to adolescence and begin the journey of their lives.

Sue is Mikes girlfriend. Tom is Mikes best friend, but he’s secretly in love with Sue. Edwina is Sue’s goody-two-shoes best friend and she’s about to get drunk for the first time. Lizzy is Mike’s annoying younger sister and Ronny, well no-one invited Ronny and no one’s quite sure why he’s there. As dawn approaches, through a fog of cheap beer, dreams are shared, insecurities aired, and secrets spilled.

For each it is a phoenix moment- exhilarating and sad, scorching, and beautiful. An optimistic work about transformation and ultimately, about letting go. Funny, immature, wise and a little bit sad, Seventeen, performed by a cast of older performers, turns our notions of adulthood and adolescence on their head.

Performances are Thursday 30th March, Friday 31st March, Saturday 1st April and Sunday 2nd April