The next Saturday evening Play Reading will be at the Playhouse on the 10th April at 5.00pm. The play to be read will be two plays written by Andrew Wallace. The Plague Village: A busy middle-aged woman has the extra burden of a mother with dementia and bickering, self-absorbed adult children who still live at home. An impetus for the son and daughter to take stock and do some ‘growing up’ comes from an unexpected quarter. A realistic play about family relationships. This Can’t Be Happening: Two teenage girls running away from home on a dark and stormy night are given shelter by a kindly old-fashioned couple in a farmhouse. They are invited stay on and find they are in a commune. One of the girls finds farm life wholesome and fulfilling; the other is suspicious of the sinister wheelchair-bound doctor, the mother of the cult’s (unseen) leader. A blend of genres: adventure, comedy and political satire.

There will be a charge of $5 to cover costs and we will provide the nibbles, the bar will be open for drinks.

If you are interested in coming along please let us know by calling Rob Hobson on 0418 785 967 or email on


The next Friday morning ‘Coffee & Cake’ Play Reading for those who cannot come at night or would rather come out during day light hours, will be held on Friday the 30th of April from 9.30am to 12.00pm at the Playhouse. As usual in a relaxed way with coffee and cake being served with a good helping of play reading.

Play to be read TBA

If you would like to come along.   Please contact Jill Morris on 5494 3000 for more information.