The next Saturday evening Play Reading will be at the Playhouse on the 12th June at 5.00pm. The play to be read is ‘Snap Shots from Home!!!’ by Margery Forde a verbatim theatre play. This reading will be performed in November at the Playhouse.  Verbatim Theatre ;  the touching and often humorous true stories of the loved ones maintaining life on the home front (Brisbane and Sunshine Coast) during World War 11

There will be a charge of $5 to cover costs and we will provide the nibbles, the bar will be open for drinks.

If you are interested in coming along please let us know by calling Teula on 0423 199 005 or email at


The next Friday morning ‘Coffee & Cake’ Play Reading for those who cannot come at night or would rather come out during day light hours, will be held on Friday the 28th of May from 9.30am to 12.00pm at the home of Barbara Thomas. As usual in a relaxed way with coffee and cake being served with a good helping of play reading.

We will be reading The Cocktail Party, a comedy by T S Eliot, which the poet/playwright completed after many drafts (acknowledging mentor E Martin Brown) in time for the 1949 Edinburgh Festival.  Eliot made substantial changes to Act III following the festival performance – which were included in our published version (1950).  If readers have favourite poems by Eliot, please bring them along to share. We don’t think of Eliot as a playwright but he did write Murder in the Cathedral! The Cocktail Party is elegantly written, with 8 satisfying parts. ..No need to dress for cocktails – but there will be tea, coffee and something sweet. All welcome!

Join the group for reading, discussion and morning tea at Barbara’s home. New readers very welcome.

If you would like to come along and get further information regarding were to meet, please contact Jill Morris on 5494 3000.